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Mental Health Providers:

Anderson Jore Counseling:  218-326-9781

   Renee Jore Anderson, MS, LMFT, LADC

   Mark Anderson, LADC

   Victoria Beck, LICSW       M

Bradley R. Nelson: 218-326-0783

   Provides individual counseling, assessment,

   Evaluation and education.

Children’s Behavioral Health Services:

218-326-999-9690    M

Children’s Mental Health Services: 


   Lynette Schmidt MSW, LICSW   M

   Beth Prewett PsyD, LPCC

   Dr. William Larsen, PhD, LP

   Jessie Perkavich, MS LPCC

   Tasha Connelly, MA, MFT

   Michael Harbin, MSW, LGSW

   Kelsey Unger, MS LPCC

   Jollene Latvala, MSW, LGSW

   Melissa Weidendorf, MS

   Jenny Farber, MSW, LGSW

   Kathy Field-Tabaka, MSW, LICSW

Compass Behavioral Health: 218-999-7750

   Alex Meyer LGSW, LACD

Office within Modern M.O.j.O

Offers psychiatry, medication management, medicationtherapy and counseling, telepsychiatry, genetic testing, behavioral counseling, addiction counseling, mental health assessment, chemical health assessment.

Essentia Health – Deer River: 218-246-8275

Tele-Psych for current patients

Heather Rhodes, MS, LP: 218-327-0887

Psychologist providing services including dealing with anxiety, panic, stress, depression, grief and loss, and chronic pain.

Janine Hill, MS, LMFT: 218-999-7552

Trained in Trauma Treatment Psychological Services LLC.

Lakeview Behavioral Health: 218-302-4468

   Thomas Johnson, NP

Psychiatric consultations, med management, and telepsychiatry. Ages 12+

Lisa Adamich, MS, LICSW: 218-259-9417

Works with individuals and family therapy.

Lois Meyer, MA, LMFT: 218-327-7267

Marriage and family therapy.

Marry Linnihan, LP:  218-244-9414

Psychologist dealing with adults and adolescents with anxiety , depression, grief, EMDR, and relationship issues.

Modern M.O.j.O:  218-999-7750

   Tracy Zimmerman-Deschepper, APRN

Medication management, therapy, and testing services.

Northland Counseling Center:  218-326-1274

   Jennifer Alstad, MS. ED., LMFT

   Angie Baratto, MA, LPCC

   Jim Christian, MA, LAMFT

   Lauren Flood, MA, MFT

   Jean Hetzman, MSW, LICSW

   Ana Pereira, MA, LMFT

   Linh Scally, MSW, LGSW

   John White, MA, LMFT

   Brandi Worrath, MS, LPCC

   Thomas Kafalas, MD

North Homes Mental Health Clinic: 218-327-3000

   Becky Zidarich, MA

   Dr. Donnie Farnsworth, PH.D, LP    M

   Dr. Lindsay Kujawa PH.D

   Jennifer Kliewer, MSW, LGSW

   Jennifer Moreland, MS, LAMFT

North Homes continued…

   Lisa Corradi, MSW, LICSW

   Colbi Ikola, MS

   Colin Heglund, MA, LP

   Eric Nance, MSW, LICSW

   Jonathan Friedt, MA, LMFT

   Kathy Faver, MSW, LICSW

   Kirsten Craft, MA, LPC

   Nicole Brenny, MS, LPC

   Richard William Faver, MA, LP

   Sarah Baker, MSW, LICSW

   Susan Kramer, MS, LPCC


Pamela Johnson LP:  218-327-9336

Psychologist dealing with adults, families, and children.

Providence Psychiatry Services:  218-246-6286

   Jean Vaneps, CNP

Family psychiatric, specializes in psychiatric disorders including: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, autism, ODD, etc.  Ages 5+

Rapids Counseling:  218-327-2001

Alcohol and drug counseling.

Stapleton Psychological Services:  218-326-5694

   Kenneth Stapleton LP

Providing individual, adult and kids 13+ counseling.

Stenlund Psychological Services:  218-327-8937

   Bryan Stenlund MS, LP

   Jeff Olds, MSW, LICSW

   Valerie Hawkinson LGSW

   Laura Nikkel MS

Providing services for adults, children, blended families, chemical dependency issues, ADHD, marital stress management, depression and anxiety, pain management, and anger management services.  3 case managers are also on staff

Toonstra Psychological Services:  218-259-7424

Psychologist with emphasis on evaluation/testing services as well as individual, family, and couples counseling services.

Thomas Counseling and Wellness Center, LLC:  218-360-5503

   Michelle Rinne, MS Ed., Psychologist

   Cindy Lee Thomas MSW     M

Out of Area Providers:

Range Mental Health: ARMHS, Case Management,  Psychologists, Psychiatrists,  Counseling Services                                                 

Hibbing Office: 800-450-2273 or 218-262-3107         

Virgina  Office:  800-450-2273

Mental Health Services: Lakeland Psychiatry Clinic:  (St. Joseph’s Medical Center-Brainerd) 218-828-7394   

Other Mental Health:

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services –ARMHS              

Northland Counseling Center:  218-326-1274 or


 Nystrom and Associates: (Brainerd)  218-829-9307

Adolescent Targeted Case Management– 

Ross Resources: 326-6434

Children’s Mental Health: 327-4886 ext. 110

North Homes:  327-3000

Adult Targeted Case Management-

Stenlund Psychological Services– 327-8937

Northland Counseling Center– 326-1274

North Homes– 999-9908

Developmentally Disabled Targeted Case Management-

Itasca County Social Services:  327-2941

Nystrom & Associates (Brainerd/Baxter),:  218-829-9307       

Lakeland Psychiatry Clinic:  (St. Joseph’s Medical Center  Brainerd)


Lisa Riggs CNP:  218-999-9832

Ages 13+     M

Stepping Stones Child and Family Services LLC:

Kelly Chandler – 218-301-9122

Northland Counseling Center: 326-1274  

Angela Pellerito MS, RN, PMHP-BC        M

Trauma Certified Providers:

North Homes Mental Health Clinic:  218-999-9908

   Jennifer Sheppard, MSW, LICSW  M

   Katie Rubesh, MSW, LICSW   M not taking new clients

   Amy Mallum, MSW, LICSW   M

 Medical Providers:

Bigfork Valley 218-743-3177

Esentia-Deer River 218-246-8275

Grand Itasca Clinic 218-326-7344

Grand Itasca Hospital 218-326-3401

Meridian Medical Clinic-Grand Rapids 218-999-7000

Fairview Mesaba Clinic-Nashwauk 218-885-2858                                       

Chemical Health Services:

Northland Recovery Center Detox:  327-1105          Option # 8  (Grand Rapids)

Range Treatment Center:   218-741-9120 (Out of Area-Virginia)

CD Assessments:

Rule 25: For individuals without medical insurance or who are covered by straight MA. This assessment is necessary for funding of treatment.

   North Homes 999-9908

Chemical Health Assessment: For individuals with private medical insurance or PMAPS. You can choose from three agencies:

Rapids Counseling Center 327-2001               Northland Counseling Center 327-1105

   Ross Resources 328-6434

Partial Hospitalization Program:

Fairview Range Medical Center: 218-362-6672

Intensive day treatment for clients that don’t meet hospitalization but are not safe to be at home during the day.

Updated 4/21/2017           

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